Elements 'A'

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abad    W, masc. sing. n., 'abbot'. e.g. Tir yr Abad, Llandeilo Talybont (Lltbnt).  

abbey  Eng. 'a convent under an abbot or abbess'. e.g. Neath Abbey; Margam Abbey.

abbot   Eng. ‘male head of an abbey'. e.g. Abbots Lands, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont.

aber   W, masc. and fem. n. from Old Welsh, 'aper', (oper). 'river mouth, confluence, estuary'. Where a river 1.enters another river or 2. flows into the sea. e.g. Aberaman, Aberdare, Aberdulais, Aberafan etc. see Pontardulais.

-ach   W, adj. suffix from Ir. Gael. equivalent to W, -og, -iog. e.g. Bradach (thieving), Clydach (stony), Caeach (enclosing), etc.

acre     Eng. ‘plot of arable or cultivated land, a measure of land (an acre) which a yoke of oxen could plough in a day'.  It can also seem to have the sense of modern ‘field'. e.g. Greenacre, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont.

adain    W, fem. sing. n., ‘wing', pl. adanedd. e.g. Cae adain gwydd (2), Merthyr Tydfil.  

aderyn Welsh, masc. sing. n. pl. adar, dial. deryn, ‘bird'. see  Penderyn, Cynon Valley.

afallen  W, fem. sing. n., pls. afallennau, afallennod ‘apple tree'. e.g. .Nant yr Afallen, Ynysybwl. Cae fallen, Croft y vallen, Hanereg pant y fallen, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont.. [fallen is the dialectal form of afallen] 

afon     W, fem. sing. n., pl. afonydd, afonoedd, ‘river'. eg. Blaenafon, Gwent. Afon Dulais, Afon Llwchwr, Afon Lliw, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont.

Alaw Goch  Welsh, 'red air/tune/music'. Bardic name of David Williams, coalowner of Ynyscynon House, Cwmbach, Abedare. see Trealaw, Rhondda. 

allt       W, fem. sing. n. pl. elltydd also with acquired frontal ‘g' as gallt, gelltydd, ‘hill, slope, cliff, height; wood, wooded slope'. " It is used mostly in the south today with a meaning of ‘wooded slope, wood', although it used to have the meaning of ‘hill, cliff' as it is consistently so used in L.L."  Meisg. 1. cf. O C. als, EI. alt, Lat. altus, Bret. aot. e.g Alltiago, Alltiago fach, Allt-y-gog, Allt-y-graban, Allt Minchei, Quarter Allt, Yr allt, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont. Twyn y Briddallt, Aberdare. Alltwen, Cwm Tawe. see Alltwalis, Carms.

Alun     Welsh, personal name. see Penalun/Penally.

Aman,  river name.< 'amanw' < 'banw', (young pig). cf. Irish, 'banb'. [used for a river rooting through the ground].see 'ENWAU', BLJ  p.15. e.g. Aman, river-name; Aberaman; Blaenamman Fach/Fawr, Cwmaman; Fforchaman; Godreaman; Pen Foel Aman. [All near Aberdare.] Ammanford,Rhydaman.Glanaman.Cwmaman.(Dyfed).

Alun   Welsh personal name. see Penalun, Pembrokeshire. 

American  Eng., adj., ‘pertaining to America, especially to the United States'.  e.g. Merican new birth. American Stores.Llandeilo Tal-y-bont.

-an    diminutive suffix. e.g. Baeddan (little boar), Cathan (little cat), Cachan (little excrement); Cogan, Glam. Cwmanllech, Pontardulais.   

angen,  Welsh, 'need, deficiency, poverty', referring to poor land. e.g. Penrhiw-angen, Cynon Valley.

Angharad, Welsh, Fem. pers. name. e.g.Ynys Angharad, Pontypridd. Ynis Harad genol [dial.], (Aberdare).TS1844.

aradr    Welsh, masc. and fem. sing. n., loc. dial. arad, pls. erydr, ereidr ‘plough'. e.g. Bryn yr arad, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont.

arael    Welsh, adj. ‘pleasant, gentle', see G.P.C. e.g. Bryn yr arel, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont.

ardd     MW, fem. n., ‘hill, highland'. e. g.BrynyrarddArdd y mynydd. ?Ardd Newydd ?Cefnarda  ?Pencefnarda, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont. Cwm Pennar, Pennardd, CynonValley.

ardd v. gardd

arglwydd  Welsh, 'lord, master, owner'.  e.g. Cae'r Arglwydd, Penderyn. 1905. OSM.

arlwydd  Welsh, form of  arglwydd, 'lord, master, owner'. e.g. Ty'r Arlwydd, Llanwynno.1842-50, Caer Arlwydd, Penderyn.TS1841. Waunarlwydd, Swansea. (see Arglwydd)

arms    Eng. ‘heraldic or family insignia, coat of arms'. Farmers Arms, Glamorgan Arms, Beaufort Arms, Lougher Arms, Myrddin Arms, Gwyn Arms. Llandeilo Tal-y-bont. Storey Arms, Brecs.

arth   v.  garth 

ash       Eng. ‘tree with grey bark'. Ash Grove, Cynon Valley. Monknash, Glam. Nottage, Glam.