Elements 'U' and 'V'

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uchaf    W, adj. (superlative degree of uchel ) loc. dial. ucha, ‘highest, higher, upper'. Gwenlais uchaf, Bolgoed-uchaf, Llandremor-uchaf, etc. Lltbnt. Abernant y Groes Ychaf, etc. Aberdare & general.

uchel   Welsh, adj. 'high, elevated'. e.g. Gelli ben uchel, Aberdare.  Wain tyr uchel, Ddol uchel, Wain ddol uchel. Lltbnt. Uchelolau, Barri, Glam.  

union  Eng. ‘uniting, coalition, junction'; 3.a. Scots law. ‘The uniting into one tenantry of non-contiguous lands or tenements.' SOED. e.g. Union, Union cottage. Waungron, Lltbnt. is the union of dispersed lands. Union Workhouses refer to the Poor Law union of parishes. e.g. Union Workhouse [Neath, Cardiff, Llanelly, Swansea, Crickhowell etc.] Cambrian Newspaper.

upper   Eng. ‘upper, higher'. e.g. Upper Boat, Glam. Upper Cwmtwrch, Upper Tumble, Carms.

uwchlaw   W, prep. ‘above'. Cae uwchlaw'r ty, Aberamman Ychaf, Aberdare.

vabe     Welsh, 'son of'', mutated form of mab. Vabe is fab in modern Welsh orthography. N.B. Welsh f is pron. as Eng. v. Also note that vabe is phonetically very near to the Gwentian dial. pron. feb for fab. c.f. Pwll Tave (Pwll Taf),  'ef, (haf) lleth, (llaeth) Ted Glen, (Tad Glân). Me'r geth o flen y ten (mae'r gath o flaen y tan) etc. e.g. Tyr Vabe Jevan Edrant, 1570. Aberdare.

vach    v.   bach 

vanaches  Welsh, 'nun', mutated form of mynaches, (fynaches in modern Welshorthography). e.g. Kelli'r Vanaches (the nun's grove),Llanwynno.

vaen,      Welsh. 'stone' mutated form of maen. (faen in modern Welsh orthography) e.g. bwlch y vaen rhew, Llanwynno.RR.c1700.RJT.

vale     Eng. ‘vale, valley'. e.g. Ebbw Vale, Gwent. Merthyr Vale, Ogmore Vale,Glam.

vallen    v. afallen

vaynor   v.  maenor

vedw  v. bedw      

velin  is  felin  in modern Welsh orthography. v. melin.

vernel    is  fern hill [see PNG/GOP p213]

vershill   is furze hill.  e.g. Vershill. [PNG/GOPp213]

verville   is fairfield. e.g. Verville, Fairfield alias Vervil. [PNG/GOPp212]

vetch   Eng. pl. vetches, ‘plant of pea family used for fodder'. e.g.  Cae vetches. Lltbnt. Vetch Field, Swansea.   

ville     Fr. ‘village; town'. e.g. Edwardsville, Nixonville, Glam. Wattsville, Gwent.

vine   Welsh, 'thin, narrow', mutated form of  main. Vine is fain in modern Welsh orthography. e.g. Garri vine, [carrai + main] ‘narrow strip of land'.1766 PS. Llanwynno.

vish is fish  e.g. Vishwell. [PNG/GOPp213]

vole     is W, foel. v. moel. e.g. The Vole, Penderyn.

vorvil   is forefield  e.g. The Vorfill, The Vorvill. [PNG/GOPp213]

vro     v.   bro  e.g. Nant y vro, (the lowland/vale stream), Aberdare.

vurlong   is furlong. e.g. Vurlong; Ty Verlon. Dinas Powys Hundred. [PNDPH/GOP