Elements 'W'

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wail   v. gwael

wain, waun      v. gwaun

wal     v.  gwal.

walk   v. gwalc

war       Welsh, mutated form of gwar, ‘nape of the neck'.see gwar.e.g. Cae ar war cae lloi, Cefn Pennar Isaf. TS.1844.

wariath   Welsh, dial.pron. of  chwaraeaeth, chwaryaeth, ‘diversion, merriment,amusement, play, game; lottery, gambling; drama, pageant.GPC. e.g. Cae wariath (playing/games field), Hendre Bailey. TS1844. Aberdare.

warren    from Eng. 'warren'. NED. Warren,"now usually a piece of uncultivated ground on which rabbits breed while in burrows". 'land set apart for the breeding of rabbits'. JF. e.g. Y Warran goedog [y warren goediog (the wooded warren)], Llanwynno. (RJT)

wastad   v. gwastad

wechar, whecher   v. whecherw

wen      v. gwyn/gwen

wenallt   v.  gwenallt.

wenlle    v. gwenlle

werfa   v. gwerfa

werglod, werglodd, werlod, werlodd   v. gweirglodd

wermwd    W, masc. sing. n. borr. from Eng. wormwood, ‘a bitter plant; formerly used as a vermiuge'. e.g.  Heol Wermwd Hamlet, Merthyr Tydfil.

wern    v. gwern

werrew, wherrw    Welsh, dial.pron. of  chwerw  ‘bitter'. e.g. Kae Fallen Werrew (cae + afallen + chwerw),1766 PS.Bitter Crabtree Field. (RJT)

wharf   Eng. 'a landing stage, built especially along the shore (of the canal), for loading or unloading vessels'.e.g. Coal wharf &c,Cwmbach. TS1844. (Aberdare Canal)

whechar, whecher   v.  whecherw

whecherw    W, chwech, erw.  hwech, whech is south Wales dial. for chwech.

whistle   Eng. vb. ‘to produce a clear musical sound by passing air through acranial oriface'. Whistling, Whistle inn. The Whit. Y Wit. Lltbnt.

whit   v. whistle

white   Eng. ‘the colour white'. White Rock, White Hall, Lltbnt. Whitchurch see Cardiff. Whitland, Carms. Whitehall, Pontypridd.  Whitesands, Pembs. Whiteford Point, Gower.

wigiad    v. ewigiaid

winch   Eng. ‘a lifting or pulling device; well wheel'. Cae winch, Lltbnt.

winsh   W, from Eng. winch. e.g. Cae winsh, Llanwynno.

wirglod, wirglodd, wirlod, wirlodd   v.  gweirglodd

Wiseman       Eng. pers. name. see Wiseman's Bridge, Pembs.

with     v. chwith

wlyb    W, mutated form of  gwlyb, ‘wet'. e.g.  Ynys wlyb, Merthyr Tydfil. (Griffiths)

wyllt    v. gwyllt

ŵyn       Welsh, 'lambs', plural of oen. e.g. Cae'r wyn (lambs' field), Blaengwawr. TS1844. Aberdare.

Wynno   mutated form of pers.name Gwynno. e.g. Llanwynno.

wyrglod, wyrglodd, wyrlod, wyrlodd  v.   gweirglodd

wythar, wyther    v.   wytherw

wytherw   W, wyth, erw.

wythion   v. chwith