Elements 'S'

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Sais        W, masc. sing. n., ( dim. Seisyn ), pl. Saeson, ‘Englishman, Englishspeaker'. e.g.  Coed-Saeson-fawr, Coed Sayson, Gwain Shone Sais, Coed Saison Fawr/Ganol/Uchaf/Fach, Cae Coed Saison, Wain Coed Saison, Cae coed Saison fach. Lltbnt. Cefnsaeson, Neath. Rhiwsaeson, Taf/Elai. Tir Dafydd Sais, Aberdare. (A.D. 1570).

saith       W, numeral, ‘seven'. e.g. Cae saith Quarter, ?Gwain mays saith grwn,?Mays saith grwn. Lltbnt.

saith erw  W, saith, erw. See erw. e.g. Saith erw, Tir Evan Bach Traws.TS1844.

saintwall    v. seintwar

sanctuary    Eng. ‘holy place; a church or other sacred place in which by the law of the medieval church a fugitive from justice was immune from arrest'. e.g. The Sanctuary, Sanctuary Court, Caerau, Cardiff. The Sanctuary, Sanctuary Bank, Cydweli, Carms. Sanctuary, Llanrhidian. Sanctuary, Loughor. also v. seintwar

Sangan   pers.name. e.g. Senghenydd, Glam.

sant, san      W, sing. masc. n. ‘a saint', pl. saint. e.g. Llantrisant, Glam. Llanddeusant, Carms. Llan-Saint, Carms. Sancler, Carms. Llansanffraid,(2) Brecs. & Cards.

Sanws   pers. name, poss. san (sant) and endearing suff. -ws. e.g. Tir Kil Sanws, (1614) Cil-Sanws, Cil-Sanos, Vaynor, Merthyr Tydfil.

sarn        W, masc. sing. n. ‘causeway, stepping stones, paved way', pl. sarnau. e.g. Pont Sarn, Merthyr Tydfil. Hewl y Sarn, Llantrisant. Sarn Helen, Neath. Sarn, Bridgend.

Scales    pers. name. see Scales Row, Cynon Valley.

scybor, skibor    v. ysgubor

scallog, sgallog  v. ysgallog 

seat        Eng. ‘site or location; country mansion, esp. with large grounds'. e.g. Summer seat. Lltbnt.

seintwar   W, fem. sing. n., var. sentwar, sintor, shintor, pl. seintwarau, from Mid. Eng. seintwar  v. sanctuary.  e.g. Cyntwell, Caerau, Cardiff. (saintwell < saintwall  < seintwar) GOP. Saintwar, Llanrhidian. Cae'r Seintwar, Llan-giwg. Erw'r Seintwar, Loughor. Gwaun y Seintwar, Llangyfelach. AMR. Shintor Ucha, Shintor Fach, Graig-y-Shintor, Cydweli, Carms. GPC.

seithar, seither, seitherw       W, saith, erw. see erw.

sgiach     v. ysgiach

sgwd      Welsh, 'water-fall'. dial. scwd. e.g. Sgwd yr Eira, Penderyn. Sgwd Gwladus, Ystradfellte.

shag       Eng, dial. ‘The refuse of barley, corn, oats etc.' along with W pl. ending -au loc. pron. -e.  e.g. Cae shage, Shage, Shagau. Lltbnt.

sheep walk      Eng. 'unfenced sheep pasture'. e.g. Sheep Walk Mountain, Hendre Bailey.TS1844. Aberdare.

shindris  Welsh form of Eng. 'cinders'. e.g. Tip shindris, Aberdare.

shingrig  v. eisingrug

shintor, sintor   v.   seintwar        

shop    Eng. ‘place where goods are sold'. e.g. Shop y cae, Gate Shop, Bolgoed Shop, Pontardulais shop. Lltbnt.

sicon     Welsh, also sicion, 'soapsuds after washing clothes' also 'the washings of a cowhouse', (RJT). e.g.Cae Succon,1666.MM. Meisg.

sidan     W, ‘satin, silk'. e.g. Cefn Sidan, Cydweli, Carms.

Siencyn   Welsh form of pers.name  Jenkin. e.g. Llety Shenkin, Cwmbach. Aberdare.

sila      var. of Welsh, silo,  to hull oats etc. meaning either,1. the name given to the field where the corn is hulled(husked) by threshing,  or 2. the field, or part of the field where the red dust/ashes are thrown after threshing, (RJT) .e.g. Y Sila bach, Fforch Neuol. TS1844 & Y Sila coch, Aberdare.

sinfoi    Welsh form of Eng. sainfoin, 'a low growing perennial herb; much grown as a forage plant; also known as French grass'. e.g. Cae Sinfoy, 1841 TS. Llanwynno, (RJT).

sister      Eng. see Seven Sisters, Vale of Neath.

site   Eng. ‘location, place'. e.g. Site, Sight on cornel. Lltbnt

siwrwd    W, pl. n., double pl. siwrwds, ‘waste, rubbish'; also ‘peat cuttings as well as the cuttings of gorse - gorse that was, in the past, ground or mashed and fed to animals especially horses'. [Rev. H. Jones]. e.g  ?Cae sheroed, Lltbnt.  

slang     W, from Eng., ‘strip of land', also 'slangen' & 'sling'. (RJT) e.g. Y Slang. Llanwynno.

slaughter house    Eng. 'an abattoir'. e.g. Slaughter House Row, Llanwynno. PRB.

sofl      Welsh, 'stubble'. e.g. Sofl, Tir Evan Bach Traws.TS1844. Aberdare.  c.f. Resolven < Resolfen < Rhos & solfen < Rhos & sofl(en), 'stubble moor'. see YEE/BLJ.

splot       Eng., ‘plot of land'. see Splot, Cardiff.

spot        Eng. ‘very small piece of land'. Spot (Lliw Mill). Lltbnt.

starn       W, from Eng. starn, stern, ‘the back end of a boat; the back of anything'. e.g. ? Cil-yr-ystarn. Lltbnt.

starve     Eng. indicative of poor, unproductive land. see Starve Goose. 

station    Eng. ‘A stopping place on a journey'. ‘[More explicitly railway s.] A place where railway trains regularly stop for taking up and setting down passengers or for receiving goods for transport. Also, and more frequently, a building or group of buildings erected at such a place for purposes connected with the transport of passengers and goods'. SOED. e.g. Station, Station Road. Lltbnt.

stent     Welsh, dial. form of Eng. 'extent; survey document'. e.g. Gwaine y stent 1592.1632. Aberdare.

sticill, sticil  W, (c.f. ME stikel ), fem. sing. n., pls. stic(i)lau, sticillau, ‘stile'. e.g. Cae stickle, Wain stickle. Lltbnt. Pontsticill, Merthyr Tydfil.

stocin   Welsh, 'withered tree stump'; in Glam.dial., 'dried up old oak', from Eng. Stocking, 'clearing of stocks', and later 'a piece cleared of stocks'.[or poss. stock, ‘cattle', in some examples. (RJT)] e.g. Bwlch y stocin, Wain Stocin, Llanwynno.

stocks    Eng. ‘timber frame with holes for feet where offenders were confined for public punishment'. e.g. Common stocks. Lltbnt. The Stocks, Cefncoed-y-cymer.

stocynnon    Welsh, plural of  stocin, 'withered tree stump'. (RJT) c.f. Eng. stock ‘land with tree stumps left standing on it'. JF. In 1766, 'Kae Stock unnon' translated as 'stump of trees field'. e.g. Stockynnon, Ysguborwen. TS1844. Aberdare. [It is tempting however to suggest stock and Cynon for Stockynnon.]

stom, stum  v. ystum 

sur  W, adj. ‘sour, acidic; damp, course' (of land). e.g. Wain Surlan (Llannant Fawr). Lltbnt.

summer  Eng. ‘warmest season of the year'. e.g. Summer seat. Lltbnt. Summer-hill, Pembs.

Sveinn     Scand. pers. name. e.g. Swansea, Glam. 

swllt     W, sing. masc. n. ‘shilling'. e.g. Garnswllt, Ammanford.

sycamore  Eng.tree name. e.g. Sycamore Grove, picnic site, Penderyn, situated on site of the former farm named Pen y glog fan ddu, (lost name), see PNDH.

sych  W, adj. ‘dry, dried up'. e.g. Sych foes uchaf/ysaf. Lltbnt. Sychbant, Llanedi. Nant Sychbant, Penderyn. Sych nant, Aberdare. Nant Sych, Nant Sychbant, Ogof Rhyd Sych, Ogof Rhyd Sychbant and Twyn Sych, Merthyr Tydfil. (Griffiths). Abersychan, Gwent.

sychryd   Welsh, sych, ‘dry' & rhyd, ‘ford'. e.g. Llech sychryd. Aberdare.

syfi      Welsh, pl. n. 'wild strawberries'. e.g. Bryn Syfi. Pant Gerddinon.TS1844. Aberdare. Cae'r Syfy, field 337 in 1850 at Cwm Cothi, Merthyr Tydfil. (Griffiths).