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poenig             Welsh, poss. adj. form of poeni, ‘to pain, bother, worry.' e.g. Tir Poenig, Tir Draw. TS1844. Aberdare.

poeth               W, adj., pl. poethion, ‘hot, burnt'. e.g. Cae tyr poeth, Cae bryn poeth, Cae bryn poeth pellaf. Lltbnt. Ynys-boeth, Cynon Valley. Pentre-poeth, Swansea.

polyn               Welsh, masc. sing. n. 'stake, post, pole'. c.f. 'pawl'. e.g. Cae Polyn, Tir Mawr.TS1844. Aberdare.

polly                unclear. poss. pers.name. - familiar form of Mary. e.g. Cae Du polly, Pant y Gerddinon.TS1844. Aberdare.

pompren          Welsh, dial. form of  pont  & pren, 'wooden bridge, foot bridge'. e.g. Cae cwm pompren, Abernant y Groes Ychaf. TS1844. Aberdare. Pomprenllwyd, Penderyn, 1794 PR.

pond                Eng., ‘small body of still water'. e.g. Ponds; part of pond; Fishpond; Wain pond, Bryn wain pond.  Lltbnt. Pond Place, Cwmbach, Fish pond, Aberamman Isaf. TS1844. Aberdare.

pont                 W, (from Lat. pons) fem. sing. n., (dim. fem. masc. pontan, fem. pontig, ponnig) pls. pontydd, pontau, ponnydd, pynt, double pl. pyntydd, ‘bridge'. e.g. Llandeilo tal-y-bont, Penybont aber Duleis, Penybont ar Dylais, Pontardulais, Pontarddulais, Penybont, Pen-y-bont newydd, Pontlliw, Pontycappel, Cae bont arw, Tyr y bont, Cae yr bont, Ynis y bont, Ynis dan y bont, Pont Henry. Lltbnt. See Pontardulais; Pontypridd.

pontbren         Welsh, pont & pren, 'wooden bridge, foot bridge'. Also as  pompren. e.g. Cae pontbren gwin,Ynys Cynon. Pontbren Llwyd, Penderyn.

poorhouse       Eng.,  historically a ‘public lodging or prison for the poor, awork house'. PNEF.  e.g. Poor house. Lltbnt.

pori                  W, vb., ‘to graze'.  e.g. Morfa porri. Lltbnt.

porth               W, fem.  sing. n. ‘harbour, bay; ferry'. pl. pyrth. e.g. Porthcawl, Glam. Porth Einon, Gower. Pothceri, Glam.

porth               W, masc. sing. n. ‘gateway'. pl. pyrth. e.g. Porth, Rhondda. Porthyrhyd, Carms.  

porthman  porthmon      Welsh, masc. sing. n. 'drover', pl. porthmyn. e.g. Waun Porthman,Tir y Yorum.TS1844. Aberdare.

post                 Eng., ‘stake or stout pole to mark boundary, carry notices etc; a fixed place or stage on a road, for forwarding letters and change of horses'. e.g. Samson Post. Old Post Office. Lltbnt. Finger Post, (pub. house) Merthyr Tydfil.

potato              Eng. 'plant or tuber', (Solanum Tuberosum)  e.g. Potato garden, part of Aberdare Town.TS1844.

pownd              W, from Eng. pound, masc. sing. n. (dim. powndyn), ‘pond, leat, ditch; pound (for stray animals etc), fold'.  e.g. Gwain Pound. Pound fald. Lltbnt. Cae pen y pound, Pant y Gerddinon.TS1844. Aberdare. (many examples of both meanings).

pren gwyn       W, masc. sing. n. ‘rotten wood, touch-wood'. GPC.  e.g. Cae pren gwyn. Lltbnt.

prydydd           Welsh, masc. sing. n. 'bard, poet'. e.g. Bryn prydydd, Penderyn.

prysg, prys      W, masc. sing. n., pls. prysgau, prys(g)oedd, and also as a pl. n., ‘copse, grove, plantation'.  e.g. Pryscedwyn, Erw briskedwin, Pentrepryscedwyn. Lltbnt. Y Prishg, Pentyrch. See Penprys, Carms. ?Ynys Priscilla (prysg & cyllau? ‘hazel copse' with cyllau a poss. double pl. of cyll) Aberdare TS 1844.

prysgoed         W, pl. n., (sing. fem. prysgoeden), double pl. prysgoedydd, ‘shrubs, bushes, undergrowth, shrubbery, grove, thicket, twigs'.  e.g. Briscoed. Lltbnt.

pumar, pumer, pumerw          v. pump, erw

pump               W, numeral ‘five'. e.g. Cae pump quarter, Pimp quarter. Lltbnt.

punta               unclear. Punta part of Cwmbach, TS1844. Aberdare. poss. plural noun meaning 'stakes to tie up boats, linked with Eng. verb punt ‘to stake against the bank'. i.e. canal bank.

pwdwr              Welsh, adj. 'rotten, corrupt, lazy; powder'. e.g. Cae pwdwr, Cefn Pennar. TS1844. Aberdare. prob. 'powder'.          

pwll                  W, masc. sing. n, (dim. pyllyn (pwllyn), pl. pyllynod ), pls. pyllau, (pwllau, loc. dial. pwlle), pyllod, ‘a pool; a pit; a coal-pit'.  e.g. Pwlle duon, Hangwain pwll, Cae bryn pwll, Wain y pwll, Cae pwll, Cae bwll, Wain dan y pwll uchaf/issaf, Gwain Pwll, Wain Bwll. Lltbnt. Gwain y pylla, Llantrisant. Wernbwll, Yr Hendy, Llanedi. Pwll, Llanelli. Pwlldu, Gower. Pwlltrap, Carms. Pwll-y-dylluan, Penderyn.

pwllfa              W, ‘hollow, gorge, basin, often at the source of a river or stream'. RJT. e.g. Bwllfa Dare, Bwllfa Aman, Bwllfa foel, Pwllfa, Aberdare. Bwllfa, Penderyn.

pwll-llif            W, masc. sing. n. ‘saw-pit'. e.g. Ardd pwll llif, Banc pwll llif, Bank y Pwllive. Lltbnt.  

pylla                Welsh, Gwentian dial. of  pl. n. pyllau, poss.referring to 'pyllau glo' (coal pits). v. pwll. e.g. Waun y pilla, Abernant y Groes Ychaf.TS1844. Aberdare. Gwain y pylla, Llantrisant.

pymtheg          Welsh, numeral, 'fifteen'. e.g. Pymtheg erw, Aberamman Ychaf. TS1844. Aberdare.

Pyr, Pir    Welsh, pers. name. see Maenorbyr, Pentylepyr, Ynys Byr, Pembs. 

pys                  Welsh form of  'peas', Pisum sativum(garden) / Pisum arvense (field). e.g. Caer pys, Llwyn Helyg.TS1844. Aberdare.

quarries          Eng. plural of  quarry ‘an open excavation for building stone'. e.g. Road & Quarries, Tir yr Estyll. TS1844. Aberdare.

quarry             Eng. 'an open working from which stone,slate etc. is obtained'.CED. e.g. Quarry field, Gwryd. TS1844. Aberdare.         

quarter            Eng. 'quarter of an acre'. ‘a portion of a field divided amongst four tenants; a field on one side; a portion, an allotment'. e.g. Three quarters, Three quarter David Harry. Lltbnt. Quarter, Pant y Gerddinon.TS1844. Aberdare.

quarterion       Welsh plural form of Eng. quarter. e.g. Quarterion bach, Aberamman Ychaf. TS1844. Aberdare.